Places to visit and ideas for Christmas & New Year’s gifts

At Chez Teresa/A Taste d’Angleterre we are delighted to promote the following studios and events during the season ahead.  Places where you can be assured of a warm welcome and where you can buy last minute Christmas or New Year’s gifts for your friends and family

Last minute ideas for presents:

Top of our list is the Atelier-Galerie Charles Hair where until the 23 December in Thizay near Chinon there is a fabulous exhibition of table place settings and pots to lend a touch of pottery class to your Christmas dining experience .  At the studio visitors will find literally hundreds of ideas for gifts.  Hot off the kiln are some new pots illustrated with a Haiku theme and inspired by the masters of that ancient Japanese art such as the one featured below.

Comme l’un de nous
Le chat est là
Prenant congé de l’an
Kobayashi ISSA (1763 – 1827)‍

Which I think means that ‘as one of us, the cat is there taking his leave of the old year…’or words to that effect.  Such word smithery appeals to us here at Chez T. because we love all things appertaining to le chat and the pithy lyricism of the three lined Haiku is perfectly suited to the deftness and agility of the cat.

For more information about Charles’s creations check out

We also have a small selection of his pottery on display at Chez Teresa/A Taste d’Angleterre.

In addition if you are still looking for that special present for the one you love then do visit Einav Benzano’s studio next door to Chez Teresa here in Fontevraud l’abbaye where you will find all sorts of treasures made from the finest jewels, crystals and even meteorites..

Over at Thouars you might wish to visit la Boutique éphémère where until 7th January 2018
the work of Myriam Grelier is on display including her paintings, mood lamps and small decorative objects.  Apparently the artist keeps the remains of culinary plants to make her lamp shades throwing a whole new light on the concept of recycling.  Varying in shape and color, each piece is unique. 

Some of the shades says the artist “are fragile and delicate; others very resistant”.

The artist compares the transparency of the lampshades to that of glass thus creating I would imagine a chiaroscuro effect.

In addition the artist does not recommend the eating of her lamps!

“they are not to be ingested except in the case of extreme food shortages!”

La Boutique éphémère is located at 14 rue Saint Médard – 79100 THOUARS
and is open from 14h to 18h30 (every day except Monday) and by appointment
Contact ! 06 88 75 50 26 if you would like a private rendezvous.

Keeping your visitors entertained:

If you are looking for ideas for visits with a seasonal theme during and after Christmas and into the New Year why not offer especially the children some joie de vie by visiting the fabulous Christmas extravaganza at  the glorious Château de Brézé (about a 20 minute drive from Chez Teresa/Fontevraud).  On the 23 December and on Christmas Eve there  will be a traditional French themed fête de Noël and for those worried about what to do with the kids from 23 December 2017 until 7 January 2018  there will be workshops and activities for children as follows:

  • A riddle-themed game on the theme of Santa’s little red-nosed reindeer entitled “In search of Rudolph”.
  • A workshop featuring Christmas cookies where you can make a typical Christmas recipe with the children
  • A Christmas salt dough class inviting children to create a magical decoration in salt dough
  • A Snowman Workshop where children can make a snowman in Styrofoam


  • A workshop called “My Christmas Bread” where you can shape a spicy bread for Christmas

These  workshops and games are recommended for children from 5 to 12 years old

Next door at the abbey they are, hallelujah hosting a Christmas extravaganza until 7th January 2018…How wonderful is that?  Our guests will be thrilled.

Featuring story telling,  writing workshops, graphic design and sacred music this extravaganza of a season is a first for our Cultural Center of the West and promises to offer something for everyone from children to adults.

For more information about the line up check out:

Du 09/12 au 07/01 : NOËL À FONTEVRAUD À L’ABBAYE ROYALE ……/Noel-a-Fontevraud

A dusting of snow and has been cold of late, but there again not as cold as a few winters ago when our water pipes froze at Chez Teresa for 2 weeks…a rareness of course as the weather here in the Loire is generally mild during the winter and still is today..

Now in the week before Christmas with the misty rains it is really quite warm for the time of the year albeit a little dark but with the winter solstice on the 21 December on the near horizon we can but anticipate brighter days to come.

Visit us at Chez Teresa for Chocolat chaud, vin chaud plus we have a selection of Christmas Cakes, tarts and other sweet treats to tantalize your palette.

so please come in for a taste de Noël, English style at 6. av Rochechouart, Fontevraud l’abbaye where we will be serving light lunches and after noon teas with a Christmas laden franglais twist…. 

We also have our delicious Christmas Cakes for sale in differing sizes and prices so do pop in and sample a piece.

It would be wonderful to see you and to raise a glass to the parting year and give a toast to 2018.

Peace and good will to you all

Chez Teresa/A Taste d’Angleterre a Fontevraud l’abbaye


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