Chez Teresa’s Petit Restaurant

à la carte or set lunches/ le formule..we are happy to create a meal for your enjoyment…

We love to cook and like nothing better when we receive positive feedback about the dishes that we serve.  An American couple visiting us recently said that we understand flavours and flavour combinations and this was one of the biggest compliments that we could receive.

In the past France has had the reputation for being a an impossible destination for vegetarians, vegans and anyone on a specialist diet.  Certainly when I was a very young child when I first visited France with my parents back in the late 1960s, I can remember that my parents seemed to spend a very long time finding somewhere where we could actually eat something.  My Father ate meat, but my Mother was a vegan and I was brought up in the main a vegetarian (I now eat and cook fish so you could call me a Pescetarian). 

After what seemed like hours of trawling the streets of Boulogne we did find somewhere where could all enjoy a meal and even though it was practically the end of the lunchtime session, the Patron at the Cafe Alfred in the shadow of the church was sympathetic to our plight.  We were served omelettes, real chips fried in olive oil and plates of vegetables.  I believe that the place is still there to this day which must surely be a testimonial that they are doing something right.  The fact that the vegetables were served separately from the omelettes struck us all as a little strange, but quite frankly we were grateful to be eating.  It was a delicious meal. 

Of course it is still tricky to be a vegetarian abroad…but since I moved to France in 2005 with my husband and son, there has been a definite shift towards more healthy eating with a noticeable move towards organic produce or Agricultural Biologique (Bio for short) as it is called here.  Consequently there is much more food available at the markets and bio-coops to enable the restauranteur and chefs to be a little more creative with their menus.

 At Chez Teresa/A Taste d’Angleterre we appreciate how even today it is hard  to find good vegetarian or vegan food in France, and we delight in creating dishes made from locally sourced fresh produce.  Fish is on our menu in the form of smoked salmon and by request we will make a speciality fish dish for our customers and sometimes have a fish dish as our Plat du jour.

Please just let us know in advance of making your reservation any specific dietary requirements and we will cater for you accordingly. If you have any particular products that you essentially need during your visit then let us know such as soya milk, goats milk, gluten free, vegetarian wines etc and we will try and seek them out for you.

From time to time our customers request that we produce themed menus such as Indian or Italian or for celebrations, and over the years we have received some terrific feedback and comments.  What I personally love about what we do is feeling that we are contributing to making someones holiday ‘enjoyable and delicious….’

PENTAX ImageCome eat in our elegant dining room at Chez Teresa

Specialities of the house are Vegetarian Lasagne, Quiches, Fish Pies and Saumon en Croute plus a glorious array of salads and veggie dishes.  Our apple crumbles, Knickerbocker Glories and Rich chocolate cakes are legendary..well not quite, but they always go down well with our customers!


Our focus is on using the finest and freshest of ingredients.

We are happy to cater for celebration meals such as for wedding anniversaries, romantic rendezvous suppers, birthdays and seasonal meals of celebration for example for St, Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc so just ask….

PENTAX ImageRatatouille, one of our signature dishes made with the freshest of ingredients

Either choose a dish from one of our menus or ask us in advance what you would like us to cook for you!


Vegetarian Lasagne, fresh to order

Sample Menu:-


Tout fait maison/home made


Soup de Jour ou

Chêvre ou


Plat Principal

Plat du Jour e.g. Ratatouille, Fish pie, Lasagne…

Quiche a la lègume

Omelette et Frites fait maison

Salade composée (fromage, noix, l’ouefs, pomme de terre, tomates et lègumes) ou

ou Saumon fumé salade ou fromage


Gâteau du Jour e.g. ‘Fondant au Chocolat’ ou Tarte/Crumble aux pomme

avec crème et glace ou

‘Knickerbocker Glory’ (une melange des fruit avec crème et glace) ou

Salade des Fruits


A platter of Fromages

Le prix:

12 euros 50 euros x 3 plats

15 euros x 4 plats

Boissons disponible:-

Du Vins Locaux (blanc, rosé d’anjou, ou rouge), jus de orange, jus de pomme (organic/agricultural biologique), l’eau (Badoit ou Evian), coke, orangina, smoothies et ‘Shakes’

Selection des thés, café, chocolat chaud etc

Chez Teresa is at
6, av Rochechoaurt, Fontevraud l’abbaye

Telephone: + 33 (0)2 41 51 21 24

or check out our website