Vistas of Snow: Fontevraud l’abbaye

Today the trees outside our windows are blossoming with snow..  We had planned to visit Blois today to visit friends, stay the night and to take a look at le Château royal de Blois where Mary, before she was Queen of the Scots, spent some of her childhood……However as soon as we saw those first flurries of fairy flakes yesterday morning it occurred to us that probably this journey would need to be deferred due to icy roads and not the most auspicious of driving conditions.

We couldn’t quite resist though the temptation to venture out to view this wonder world so went for a short drive this morning past the snowy scapes and to take some pics.

Between the trees and the icy river depths the birds seemed to be hiding and local wild life generally keeping a fairly low profile.   We did glimpse a group of children walking in a line carrying their toboggans elated no doubt that there is no school today so that they could be in search of slippery slopes.  Before we could snap them in a pic, elusive creatures that they were, they disappeared round a corner…

We came to the conclusion that travelling by helicopter is not only clearly one way to get about when it snows but probably a great deal of fun!  A Robinson R54 no less…..British…yes at least something is…..French registered so perhaps another example of entente cordial…Outside the top notch hotel La Demeure de la Vignole in Turquant this voyager we imagine is one of their guests.  Can you just fly about in your helicopter and land willy nilly?  Well we wondered, but it would seem so.

Across the snowy rooftops of Fontevraud            Bleak, stark white vineyards

and on wards to the forest..

Back home again we look out from our terrace and see the abbey, as majestic as ever, wearing a mantle of fine white snow.

Tonight apparently it is going to be minus, minus degrees cold so we will need to leave little drips with our upper floor taps lest our pipes freeze again as they did a few winter’s back.

Keep warm…from a very very cold Chez Teresa/A Taste d’Angleterre!

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